Oculus- The Apostate of Light Review

So you like evil do ya? Are you obsessed with death? Destruction? Would you like to watch the world burn? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should probably seek help! I can’t be responsible for the crazy things you are about to do, seriously you should probably just turn yourself in to the police.  You should however wait till September 29, 2017 so the last thing you hear before you are institutionalized for life if the new Oculus album The Apostate of Light.

Not to be confused with the Black Metal merchants from Chile, this Oculus is an International band comprised of members hailing from the United States and Europe, and boasts a resume of bands such as The Stone, Borgne, Deathrow, Enoid and Ophidian Coil.  The Apostate of Light is straight up Orthodox Black Metal, the way our forefathers intended it.  When I read the write up Blood Harvest sent out there is a line in there something about this record being “timeless in any era” not that’s a bold fucking statement, but god damn if they aren’t right! You could stick this album in 1984 when Bathory put out their self-titled masterpiece, HellHammer put out Apocalyptic Raids and Celtic Frost dropped Morbid Tails and I have absolutely no doubt that these boys would be taken in with open arms.

The Evil on this album permeates throughout; the vocals are dark and depraved, but still very epic, the instrumentation is extremely well crafted and thought out.  Stand out tracks on this album…fuck it the whole god damn album is a stand out, I normally would try and pick 3 of the better tracks but I mean there is 6 tracks on this record and all 6 of them stand out.  If you dig Black Metal with an old school vibe, but need something that isn’t ripping anyone off and can stand on its own this album is definitely for you.  You can pre order it from BloodHarvest on LP, Tape or CD and its out September 29, 2017.



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